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Dispatching Services

Our dispatching services adapt to your work strategy. With our industry expertise, we excel in versatile and accurate truck dispatching. Whether you're a newcomer, operate a small fleet seeking outsourcing, or need experienced support for company growth, we adapt to your needs and act on your behalf.

Start a new company

Obtaining the authority to operate a commercial freight vehicle is the initial step to ensure legal compliance on the road. This involves establishing the necessary permits.

Online course for Dispatcher

Interested in reserving cargo? Don't miss our exclusive intensive Dispatcher course, covering everything from A to Z on searching and negotiating cargo. Seize the opportunity to establish yourself as an independent dispatcher and elevate your business.

Maintenance Records

As a company owner, it is crucial to comply with FMCSA regulations by documenting all maintenance activities such as repairs, service schedules, and maintenance checklists. Our services ensure your company stays organized, meeting DOT requirements.

Texas Apportioned Plates

If your Texas-based company operates out of state, you can apply for interstate license plate registration. Contact us for further details and assistance.

Random alcohol and drug testing program

At Briway Logistics LLC, our dedicated team ensures compliance with DOT regulations for random alcohol and drug testing programs. We guide your organization, helping you avoid costly penalties and fines while maintaining safety on public highways.


Interstate carriers must file fuel tax returns, reporting mileage and fuel consumption for each quarter.

Road Taxes or 2290

Vehicles with a gross combined weight of 55,000 lbs or more must file IRS Heavy Use Vehicle Tax Form 2290 annually before August 31st. Contact us for further details and assistance.

Franchise Taxes

The annual franchise tax, applicable to entities formed or operating in Texas, must be paid. The deadline for filing the annual franchise tax report is May 15th.

Factoring, billing

Our billing service is designed to free you from administrative worries and allow you to concentrate on what really matters: growing your business.

Design and marketing

We are your strategic partner for online success. We offer a full range of services from digital marketing and social media management to the creation of impactful brand logos.

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